Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Meal Plans - Breakfast

So, how do the Guidelines break down into actual meals? Let's start with breakfast!

Most breakfasts on this plan are based around an egg plus an egg white, because the egg white is a perfect package of lean, low-calorie protein. I mostly use a variety of recipes based on using one egg plus one egg white, including:
  • One-yolk omelette (often with spinach and/or lean deli ham)
  • No -yolk omelette (two egg whites beaten with 2T skim ricotta)
  • One-yolk fritatta (egg+white beaten with 2 T skim ricotta, poured over spinach or asparagus)
  • Sandwich (one egg + one egg white over easy, lean deli ham, on low-cal whole wheat muffin)
  • Poached egg + white over ham & asparagus (or spinach)
  • One-yolk french toast (Occasional treat, made with low-cal bread & a dab of light syrup)
  • One egg + white cooked as you like, with low-cal whole wheat muffin or toast
  • Egg in a basket (made with egg + yolk and low-cal wheat bread)
All the above choices (except the French Toast) run about 100-150 calories and contain 16-18 grams of protein, 3-8 grams of fat, and 2-6 grams of carbs!
    Non-egg options for when I'm pressed for time or just tired of eating eggs:
    • Protein-rich food bar or protein shake (emergencies only)
    • Yogurt with ground flaxseed
    • Something more from the 'lunch' category, like a ham sandwich
    I try to eat breakfast most days, but if I've slept in until 10:30 or so I'll often just wait an hour and go straight to lunch. As a bit of a night owl, this method works better for me than force-feeding myself a breakfast I don't want.

    I find it simplifies my life to keep just a few ingredients on hand that can be combined in many ways. In this case:
    • Eggs
    • Lean Deli Ham
    • Big bag of washed baby spinach
    • Low-cal whole wheat Eglish Muffins (I like Healthy Life brand)
    • Low-cal whole wheat bread (Healthy Life again)
    • Cooking spray
    • Optional: Light syrup, asparagus, yogurt, protein bars (I like Market Basket from Target), protein shake mix (Muscle Milk Light)
    Note what ISN'T on the list -- cheese or butter. I am crazy about cheese and butter, more than the next guy,  but I've learned that I can eat toast & english muffins without butter, and omelettes without cheese, and I don't really miss them. 

    Watch future posts for recipes!