Meals: Breakfast

So, how do the Guidelines break down into actual meals? Let's start with breakfast!

Note:  Don't eat breakfast? These make excellent, filling lunch choices as well.

Most breakfasts on this plan are based around an egg plus an egg white, because the egg white is a perfect package of lean, low-calorie protein. I mostly use a variety of recipes based on using one egg plus one egg white, including:
One egg plus one egg white, lean deli ham, and fresh spinach
can be combined in an omelette, stacked on a toasted low-carb
English muffin, or just stacked & eaten with a fork!
  • One-yolk omelette (often with spinach and/or lean deli ham)
  • No -yolk omelette (two egg whites beaten with 2T skim ricotta)
  • One-yolk fritatta (egg+white beaten with 2 T skim ricotta, poured over spinach or asparagus)
  • Sandwich (one egg + one egg white over easy, lean deli ham, on low-cal whole wheat muffin)
  • Poached egg + white over ham & asparagus (or spinach)
  • One-yolk french toast (Occasional treat, made with low-cal bread & a dab of light syrup)
  • One egg + white cooked as you like, with low-cal whole wheat muffin or toast
  • Egg in a basket (made with egg + yolk and low-cal wheat bread)
All the above choices (except the French Toast) run about 100-150 calories and contain 16-18 grams of protein, 3-8 grams of fat, and 2-6 grams of carbs!
Non-egg options for when I'm pressed for time or just tired of eating eggs:
  • Protein-rich food bar or protein shake (emergencies only)
  • Yogurt with ground flaxseed
  • Something more from the 'lunch' category, like a ham sandwich
I try to eat breakfast most days, but if I've slept in until 10:30 or so I'll often just wait an hour and go straight to lunch. As a bit of a night owl, this method works better for me than force-feeding myself a breakfast I don't want.

I find it simplifies my life to keep just a few ingredients on hand that can be combined in many ways. In this case:
  • Eggs
  • Lean Deli Ham
  • Big bag of washed baby spinach
  • Low-cal whole wheat Eglish Muffins (I like Healthy Life brand)
  • Low-cal whole wheat bread (Healthy Life again)
  • Cooking spray
  • Optional: Light syrup, asparagus, yogurt, protein bars (I like Market Basket from Target), protein shake mix (Muscle Milk Light is my favorite)
Note what ISN'T on the list — cheese or butter. I am crazy about cheese and butter, more than the next guy,  but I've learned that I can eat toast & english muffins without butter, and omelettes without cheese, and I don't really miss them. 

Watch future posts for recipes!